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While insuring your home can be considered an additional expense, it’s always reassuring to know that you’ll be given financial aid whenever a disaster occurs on your property. However, your insurance company can’t just give you money without a properly filed insurance claim.

This claim serves as proof that your building is indeed in a wrecked state, and you don’t have enough money to cover the cost of repairs. Though documenting the aftermath sounds simple, many homeowners find it difficult to complete it.

Thankfully, you can contact Varney Clean Care for help if you’re having trouble writing and submitting an insurance claim.

Varney Clean Care has been in the cleaning and restoration business since 1988. We’ve seen and restored a lot of devastated properties, so we know exactly how difficult it is for you to fill out a claim. In times of crisis, you’d rather check in with your loved ones and focus on more important things like finding a temporary place to stay.

This is why our insurance claims assistance is designed to suit all types of calamities – whether they were caused by fire, water, or other forms of disasters.

Varney Clean Care Will Help You Lighten Your Burden

When you ask us to take care of filing and submitting a claim to your insurance provider, a heavy load on your shoulders will be lifted. We’ll send our best damage restoration specialist to help you support your claim.

To ensure that your claim is completely documented, our specialist will do the following:

  • Review your current insurance policies with you
  • Determine the type of disaster that caused the damage
  • Take photographic and video evidence
  • Create a comprehensive list of lost contents and property damage
  • Work with your insurance company adjuster to come up with an estimate for the restoration and repairs

Once the claim is submitted and approved, we can proceed with the repairs. Depending on your situation, we’ll perform the appropriate restoration service on your property. We offer the following methods:

With Varney Clean Care assisting you, as well as handling the restorations, you’ll have peace of mind.

Just give us a call at one of the following numbers today:

  • Powell: 307-200-2126
  • Cody: 307-200-2127
  • Worland: 307-347-6161

Our friendly operators will be ready to assist you and are available 24/7.