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Smoke and Soot Restoration

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A fire can be one of the most dramatic and destructive disasters that can happen to a home or business. Even after the fire has been put out, the resulting aftermath of the event can possibly be felt for up to a long time after the event itself. The damage caused by a fire can be in anything as small and as contained as a closet, or as large as the entirety of the property. In both of these cases, even though the total damage may be different, the one constant would be the resulting smoke and soot which tend to cling to surfaces.

As a fire burns and starts damaging the materials that it comes into contact with, its heat tends to release harmful chemicals from the items that are burning. These elements mixed in with the smoke and soot, and can therefore be very dangerous for people and animals to come into contact with, much less breathe. This is why it is very important to enlist the services of fire restoration professionals such as Varney Clean Care as soon as possible, in order to remove these harmful elements from your property, and help get everything back in safe, working order.

Our team of highly-trained and professional restoration technicians is equipped with extensive knowledge in the field of restoration, as well as state-of-the art tools to help them get the job done. Having provided smoke and soot restoration services to homes and businesses in Worland, Wyoming and nearby areas for more than 25 years, we can guarantee that the quality of work that we provide is always of the highest quality. Varney Clean Care can help you with the process of removing soot marks and streaks after a fire, removing smoke, and also assist you in restoring, cleaning, or repairing any of your fire or smoke-damaged items.

For any of your smoke and soot restoration service needs, our lines are open 24/7 and our friendly staff is on standby to answer any inquiries you may have, and deploy personnel to your area who can conduct on-site inspections and estimates.

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