Coal Stove Cleaning in Worland, Powell, and Cody


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Highly combustible coal produces large quantities of heat at low cost, making it a heating solution that comes with a rustic, old-fashioned appeal. Coal burns intensely for a long time, allowing for continuous cooking at a much lower rate than gas and electric burners. The only drawback with the coal stove is that it generates residue as it burns, making it one of the dirtier types of fuel.

The efficiency of the coal stove outweighs the cons, however, and a little care helps the coal stove's energy remain efficient.

To Keep Your Coal Stove Running Smoothly

Remain Observant

  • The coal stove uses a hopper to feed the coal through the unit, and the amount of coal that you use will depend on the weather outside, and the temperature you want to keep inside.
  • Observe what the flame looks like through the glass and be mindful of what the unit sounds like, when it's in use.
  • If anything changes, make sure to address the problem immediately.

Daily Cleaning

  • Remove the burn off coal, or coal ash from your coal stove. Most coal stoves and boilers have certain areas where the coal ash collects, and leaving a bucket in this area to collect the ash will make cleanup easy and effortless.
  • And during winter, the coal ash can help with de-icing and traction for snowy driveways and icy walkways.

Monthly Cleaning

  • Make sure that every month, you remove coal fly ash from the pipe and flue area, though you can also do it more often than that if you prefer.
  • Fly ash may look quite fine, but it tends to slow down your coal stove's efficiency if it isn't cleaned out.
  • And, of course, getting your coal stove checked and cleaned professionally will help prolong the life of your coal stove.

All owners of coal stoves are familiar with a thick layer of soot that lines the combustion area, and proper cleaning requires wearing protective gear so that you avoid irritating your skin, eyes, and lungs. But if you feel that there are better things to do with your time than cleaning a filthy coal stove, then that is where we come in.

We're At Your Service

It will always be rewarding to have your hardworking coal stove cleaned by the professionals, because they have the tools and techniques needed for a nice, thorough clean. So if you want quality cleaning services that can't be found anywhere else, trust us at Varney Clean Care for all your general cleaning needs. We service the citizens living in Worland, Wyoming and its surrounding areas, so that they can attain the warmth and comfort that they desire in their homes. We have 25 years of experience, and you can be sure that we've seen it all while we come up with a plan to make sure that your coal stove remains clean and healthy. Aside from coal stove cleaning, we offer other services such as mold removal,  crawl space encapsulationcontent restoration and carpet maintenance, among others. So make sure you get in touch with us immediately at 307-347-6161, or by using our contact page if you have any other questions or additional concerns.