Why Temporary Portable Heaters Are Essential in Your Workplace

Industrial fan heaterTemporary portable heaters are usually not part of the list of must-haves for most companies, and there is a good reason for this. Portable heaters, after all, are not that cheap and are only used when there is a rather cold-spell occurring. This does not mean however that these are not a necessity and should be omitted from the list of items a workplace needs. You can simply rent these portable heaters from a company that has these for rent, which means you won’t have to have these on hand at all.

Before we tackle where you can find portable heaters for rent, let us first discuss why there is a need for these things in the first place. Temporary portable heaters are units that help keep a workplace warm during rather cold days, and are brought into areas where the built-in heating units cannot cope with the need for ample heat. These bring about what is called “thermal comfort” for those who need to work in these places.

Thermal comfort is an often overlooked factor when it comes to a worker’s productivity. This is the thermal environment that majority of workers find comfortable to work in, and this thermal environment is the responsibility of the employer. For a workplace to be comfortable for people to work in, it should be cool enough on hot days, and warm enough on cold days.

For a workplace to be warm enough when the temperature becomes rather chilly, your heaters need to be able to keep an area warm enough for people to work in without needing to wear warm clothes, like gloves and jackets. You may consider tweaking your HVAC settings however, this will not guarantee that all areas of your facility will have the kind of warmth you need to keep everyone comfortable while working during extra cold days. This is why using temporary portable heating units is necessary from time to time.

There are a number of things you need to keep in mind when using these temporary heating units though. In order to ensure that everyone is safe, you need to keep these heaters away from flammable materials. You also need to turn these heaters off at the end of the day, and before everyone leaves for home. These heaters should also be placed near enough for people to feel the warmth that they give out, but far enough to keep people from hurting themselves.

Other things you need to remember when using portable heaters is that these cannot be used to thaw frozen pipes, should not be used to dry clothing, and should always be placed as far from water sources as possible. Using these heaters during really cold days is essential not only to your company’s productivity, but also to your workforce’s health as well. Cold temperatures, after all, bring with it a wealth of illnesses that include influenza, coughs, colds, and pneumonia, to name a few.

Since it is ill-advised for you to purchase these portable heating units because these are only needed occasionally, you can find these being rented out by companies like Varney Clean Care. Aside from temporary portable heating, we also offer other services like air duct cleaning (to improve HVAC functions), carpet cleaning, and general cleaning services. Contact us today via our contact page, or get in touch with us through our emergency service numbers.