What It Takes to Keep Your Hardwood Floors Clean and Shiny

A beautiful room with hardwood floorsWood is one of mankind’s oldest construction materials, one that has been used for thousands of years. Nowadays, wood is still widely used in many building projects all over the world, and domestic settings are no exception. Wood is preferred by a lot of people for their homes because of its beauty and the naturalistic character that it lends to the places in which it is integrated.

One of the most popular uses of wood in homes is as a flooring material. Hardwood comes in a variety of species, colors, patterns, and cuts. Hardwood flooring products are also available in solid hardwood and engineered hardwood varieties. As the name suggests, solid hardwood flooring is milled from single pieces of hardwood, while engineered hardwood flooring products typically have a solid wear layer and a composite wood underlayer that is not unlike plywood.

Regardless of the kind of wood flooring product that you have in your home, you need to pay close attention to its upkeep in order for it to maintain its beauty for many years. Below are some tips you can consider if you want your hardwood floor to stay clean and shiny.

Vacuum regularly – If you thought that a little bit of dirt is not going to harm your wooden floors, you better think again. Dirt, especially the kind that you track in from the outdoors, can be very abrasive to the surface of your hardwood floors. If you don’t want your floor to suffer from such unnecessary harm, regular vacuuming will help a great deal.

Use a mop – You can make use of a mop, but not a dripping wet one. A mop treated with a dusting spray or made with electrostatic fabric can help with the dust.

Deep-clean occasionally – Oil, grime, and other impurities can accumulate on your floor over time, and this cannot be removed by vacuuming alone. Regularly deep-cleaning your floor with the right wood-cleaning solution can do wonders for your hardwood floor. Make sure to use the solution according to manufacturer instructions.

Contain moisture and spills immediately – If rain or liquid spills have drenched your hardwood floors, don’t let the liquid sit for a long time. Dry your floor immediately.

Wax as needed – Use only the right type of wax or floor restorer product on your hardwood floors. Read the labels properly and make sure to follow your floor manufacturer’s instructions to determine which products can be used on your floor.

Protect your floors with mats and rugs -  Place a doormat at every doorway in your home so those going inside can wipe their shoes and prevent dirt from being brought indoors. You can also protect your hardwood floor in high-traffic areas by placing a durable area rug. Make sure not to pick a rug with vinyl or rubber backing, which can trap moisture and cause damage to your hardwood floors.

Get your floors professionally cleaned – If you aren’t sure how to go about deep-cleaning your hardwood floors, you should ask a professional cleaning service provider like Varney Clean Care to do it for you from time to time. Call us today! 307-347-6161