Mold Spores

Types of Mold and Their Health Effects – A List for Home and Property Owners in Bighorn Basin, Wyoming

If you or members of your family have been having respiratory problems and you see mold growing in one of the walls in your home, then you’ve seen the culprit. Health issues and growth mold are linked because the microscopic spores that these fungi issue come into contact with our bodies and cause all manner of allergic reactions. The effects cause mild irritations to the more serious conditions affecting the lungs.

Varney Clean Care lists the types of mold here:


Aspergillus is a highly invasive mold and it is all the more frightening because of its ability to live in the lungs. It can cause various illnesses like Aspergillosis, a pulmonary disease due to the existence of the mold strain in the respiratory system. Really rare cases has aspergillus mold spreading and infecting other parts of the body.


This spore emits a musty smell and is often associated with water damaged materials. It can be commonly found in construction sites as well. There are no extensive studies that show the dangers of Chaetomium but specific ones point to it as a cause of neurological damage.


Epicoccum causes the leaf spots you find on your plants. It produces woolly yellow colonies but despite its appearance it is one of the least dangerous mold strains as it only causes allergies and skin irritation.


This mold largely affects farm animals. It is responsible for brain disease in horses, lung disease in swine, and kidney disease in other animals.


Helminthosporium can be found in root vegetables like celery. It makes large spores which can lodge in the lungs and cause asthma. Experts stress the importance of washing vegetables to avoid ingesting this mold or its spores.


Rhizopus can inhabit house dust, vegetables, and left over food. Although, it is a non-invasive species, it can cause mucormycosis, an infection which involves fungi entering the blood stream. Its symptoms include swelling eyes and black discharges from the nose.

Stachybotrys Chartarum

Stachybotrys Chartarum is considered to be the most dangerous type of mold. You can tell it from its greenish black mold colonies. Symptoms caused by this mold range from the usual cold and flu like symptoms, memory loss, hair loss, progressing to cancer. Toxins from stachyborys can destroy the immune system.

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