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Three Benefits of Cleaning Your Air Ducts

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Although the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) maintains that there are no proven scientific benefits to cleaning your air ducts, it doesn’t discount that having them cleaned can make your house a much safer place in which to live. There are several people over the Internet giving anecdotes about the returns of having their ducts cleaned by professionals.

Varney Clean Care sums them up for you here:

1.       Preventive Maintenance

Since air ducts occupy unseen or hard to get places in the home, it is difficult to maintain them. Many things can develop in such areas like mold and dust. Mold is particularly troublesome if it is in the air ducts because its spores will freely circulate in your home. By having someone check your air ducts, the chances that their condition degrades or that they are harboring something nasty lessens.

2.       Air Quality Assurance

According to research by the EPA, indoor air quality can be more polluted than the outside air. This is particularly true if the air ducts aren’t cleaned. Your air ducts may already be circulating allergens like pollen and dust into your home. Although the human body can withstand short exposures to these elements, experts found that the cumulative effect of these allergens can be respiratory illnesses over time. Certain families who suffered from lung diseases found that their health improved considerably after an air duct cleaning.

3.       Pest Control

A cluttered and uninhabited space is the ideal nesting ground for pests. If your air ducts aren’t checked for holes and leaks, they will attract different kinds of animal life. Believe us when we say that our professionals have found many different kinds of fauna inside ductworks. Your lost pet may not be lost outside of your home at all. Why share space with mice, rats, cockroaches and mosquitoes? A professional cleaning will deter vermin and insects from living in these areas.

If you need a qualified professional service company that will take on the squeamish task of cleaning your air ducts for you in Wyoming, look no further, because Varney Clean Care is here. We’re the leading cleaning experts in the Big Horn Basin since 1988. We offer restoration service, carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, mold removal, and general cleaning. You can get in touch with us by calling 307-347-6161 or by emailing us through the contact form on this page. We’d love to clean your ductwork for you and ensure that your home has clean air.