The Correct Way to Clean an Area Rug

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A vacuum cleaner on an area rugArea rugs make great floor coverings not only because they serve as comfort zones in both homes and offices but also because they add depth and character to the rooms in which they are placed. Area rugs lend indoor environments a sense of elegance in a way that few other home accessories can do.

Area rugs can be expensive, however, and maintaining them can be challenging. Fastidious homeowners tend to leave cleaning and maintenance of their rugs to professional rug cleaning service providers. Although regular expert cleaning is very important if you want to extend the service life of your area rug, there are a few things you can do at home in between these professional sessions.

Vacuum regularly – A good amount of dirt can accumulate on area rugs, especially if the rugs have been laid in a place that receives a lot of foot traffic. The grit and debris can collect at the bottom of the knots, creating an abrasive effect that will eventually wear out your area rug prematurely. Regularly vacuum cleaning your area rug is one of the best ways to remove these unwanted particles.

Gently shake your rug – Smaller rugs can be manually agitated to remove dirt and grit from between the knots. Be careful not to shake too violently to prevent tearing of your rug’s fringes or edges. One good way to do this is by first rolling a few inches of one of the rug’s ends. Hold the rug from that rolled end and then shake.

Blot spills immediately – When a liquid (e.g. fruit juice or pet urine) gets spilled on your area rug, blot it immediately with paper or cotton towels. Just press on the towels and let the liquid soak. Don’t wipe the rug in circles because this will cause damage to the fibers. After the offending liquid has been almost completely removed, you can clean your area rug with a gentle cleaning solution. Examples of such solutions include baking soda and water mixture or a commercially available enzymatic cleaner that works quite well on protein, starch, and fat-based stains. Always test a product on a small area of your rug first before applying liberally on a stained area.

Take care of delicate area rugs – Make sure to take extra care when handling area rugs that are delicate. Examples of these are handmade rugs, Oriental rugs, and silk rugs. When vacuuming such items, you can place a nylon screen on top of them to act as a layer of protection. Make sure not to vacuum on your area rug’s fringes.

Stains and deep-seated dirt may be quite hard to remove, so if you have a rug that is quite filthy or has been stained by food or drink spills that are tough to deal with, then it is best to bring your rug to a professional cleaner where it can receive the expert touch that it deserves.

If you live in the cities of Powell, Cody, and Worland in the state of Wyoming, you can count on Varney Clean Care to bring your area rug back to its original condition. Our company has been in business since 1986 and specializes in area rug cleaning and Oriental rug cleaning, among other types of services. Please call us now at 307-347-6161 or send us a message to learn more.