The Contents Restoration Process Explained

Damaged contents in a home

Whenever fire and water related disasters strike your home, your first instinct is to evacuate the premises immediately and look for higher or safer ground. During this situation, it is virtually impossible to save everything that is inside your property – especially if they are as big as your couches, beds, and the like. Once the disaster has receded, you are left with a pile of soaked, soiled, burnt, or even smoke smelling contents.

Some items that have been severely damaged by the disaster can can be easily replaced. However, priceless furniture, rare artworks, antiques, family heirlooms, and other things that hold value, is another matter. These items are irreplaceable, expensive, and important, and need to be handled with care. Luckily, Varney Clean Care offers a solution to bring your most cherished possessions back to their original or recognizable condition, known as contents restoration.

Contents Restoration and its Process

Generally, contents restoration can restore all types of items – whether valuable or not. This will give you the opportunity to revive damaged furniture, electronics, clothes, and the like, without having to purchase a new one. In a way, if you choose to have your items restored, you are enabling yourself to spend less on your contents. However, the whole process is not simple. It needs to be done by a professional and delicate hand, because one tiny mistake may eventually damage the items further. The contents restoration process is as follows:


Before the professionals will proceed to the restoration process proper, they will check all your damaged items, and then determine if it is salvageable or non-restorable. Sadly, you must accept the fact that there will be some items that cannot be saved.

Packing Out

Professional handlers need to inspect the interior and exterior of the property. This will allow them to determine if the area is suitable for onsite cleaning or not. If the location is safe, they will conduct the cleaning process immediately, but if not, they will have to pack all the damaged contents and transport them to their cleaning facility.

Cleaning and Restoration

Depending on the material of the damaged item, there are various ways restorers can bring them back to shape. For example if your important and irreplaceable documents have been soaked or charred, they will utilize a freeze-drying chamber to preserve its shape. While the wood of the damaged furniture, on the other hand, will be refinished.


It is possible that the item will sustain damages that are connoted to bad smelling and/or pungent odors. Although this type of damage is not physical, it can affect your overall health in the near future. When professional restorers encounter this type of damage, they will either place the item on a mobile drying rack or into a drying chamber.

Electronics Decontamination

Smoke, soot, and miniscule particles can damage the internal components of your electronics, and encourage rust. Do not attempt to clean this type of item by yourself – especially if it is severely damaged, because you can get electrocuted and possibly die. Let the professionals handle the situation, because they have the proper tools to remove these tiny substances, safely and correctly.

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