Preventing Mold from Growing in the Laundry Room

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Preventing Mold from Growing in the Laundry Room

The laundry room is one of the most common places in a house where mold can develop. However, just because it's a common problem, doesn’t mean it has to happen for everyone. Follow these simple tips and you can drastically decrease the chances of mold growing in your laundry room – or prevent it entirely.

  • Don’t let dirty laundry pile up. The food and dirt stains in your dirty laundry is a perfect food source for mold. Not only that, piles of dirty clothes can also cause any room to become stuffy and humid. This can help accelerate mold growth rapidly.
  • Hang freshly-washed clothes to dry ASAP. Don’t let damp clothes – even if they’ve just been pulled out of the dryer – sit inside the house. Take them out and hang them to dry as soon as possible. Also, always avoid storing damp clothes in plastic bags.
  • Mop up spills immediately. Laundry rooms can be the site of water leaks and spills. Deliberate or not, don’t let puddles of water sit unattended. Mop or wipe them up as soon as they happen.
  • Ensure your laundry room is well-ventilated. Make sure that the windows and doors to your laundry room are held open whenever you’re using your washing machine. This allows air and moisture to escape the laundry room easily and allow fresh air in.
  • Clean and maintain your washing machine regularly. Keeping your washing machine clean and well-maintained can help prevent it from leaking or breaking down. Leaks, especially those that are coming from the washing machine, can help contribute to mold growth.
  • Have a dehumidifier turned on in the laundry room. A dehumidifier can do wonders for preventing mold growth, so it's a good idea to have a dehumidification system running in your laundry room – especially when you’re using it. However, we must note that dehumidifiers only help prevent mold – they don’t actually do anything to kill existing mold.
  • Place desiccant packets in the corners of your laundry room. You may have come across silica gel packets in your shopping. Keep these and place them in your laundry room, specifically in corners that are susceptible to mold growth. They’re wonderful for keeping things dry.

If you follow these tips, preventing mold from growing in your laundry room will be a breeze. However, if you do find mold has already grown, don’t wait a moment longer to get the professionals involved. Contact Varney Clean Care at 307-347-6161 to have the mold removed completely from your laundry room and anywhere else in your house.

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