Minimizing Mold Growth inside Your Bathroom

mold growing on bathroom wall

Molds are tiny organisms that love to grow in dark, humid, and damp places. Visually, these microorganisms do not pose a threat; however, if a speck of mold is given the opportunity to grow in numbers and travel to different parts of your home, it can become hazardous to your property and your health.

When molds reproduce, they use the power and direction of air movement to guide their spores into places with perfect living conditions. These spores, which cannot be seen with the naked eye, become the number one cause for most home allergies and respiratory illnesses because their surface is covered with mycotoxin. If you are constantly exposed to this toxin, mere sniffles can turn into major respiratory diseases and may even lead to lung cancer, if they are not removed immediately.

As for the durability of your home, molds indicate wood rotting, tile damage, or water leaks, which can lead to dangerous and life-threatening situations if not treated early.

If you are facing mold infestations in your home, immediately call in the professionals to have your home remediated. However, you are able to avoid similar situations if you know how to prepare the vulnerable areas of your home from mold growth.

It has been said that mold loves to grow in dark, humid, and damp places. What better place for mold to grow than your bathroom? Your family uses the bathroom more than twice a day and when mold is present on the surfaces of this room, you are exposing your family to possibly acquiring life-threatening illnesses and diseases. The following are easy-to-do methods you can follow to prevent mold from ever becoming a problem.

Remove them While You Still Can

It is easier to remove molds while they are still small in number.  If you see mold on the surfaces of your bathroom, remove them immediately by scraping or scrubbing them off your bathroom tiles.

Drying Up the Place

Mold is water dependent. Even though your bathroom is constantly exposed to water, drying up its surfaces after each use will keep mold growth at bay.

Air Flow

Opening your bathroom door from time-to-time will also aid the drying process.

Inspect and Repair

If your shower head, faucet, or sink is damaged, have it repaired immediately. A minor crack or leak will lead to immediate mold infestation.

Chemical Cleaning Agents

Some bathroom cleaning products have chemicals that eradicate germs and create a sterile environment after every use. When cleaning your bathroom, use these products correctly in order to prevent mold from attaching itself on the surfaces of your bathroom.

If you are in need of professional assistance when it comes to dealing with mold, dial: 307-347-6161 or visit our contact page here and we, at Varney Clean Care, will immediately send aid. We offer services such as, mold remediation, air duct cleaning, and tile and grout cleaning, to protect you and your home from nasty organisms like molds. We service the area and surrounding areas of the Big Horn Basin in Wyoming.