How to Properly Maintain the Cleanliness of Your Carpet Flooring

A man cleaning a white carpet with a vacuum cleanerBy this time, we all know why America has a love affair with carpets. These coverings make floors softer and warmer, adding a layer of comfort that no other flooring type can match. Carpets are relatively inexpensive and they’re not hard to install. They can be set up within hours and they can withstand years and years of use.

Of course, you can’t just lay carpets on the floor and expect to look and smell good all the time. Regular maintenance is the key to preserving their beauty and extending their service lifespans. Here’s a list of things that you need to remember to make sure your floor covers stay in top shape:

Sweep and Vacuum Regularly – Basic cleaning helps keep dust, small organisms, soot and other particulate matter off your carpets. Sweeping or vacuum cleaning at least once a week is encouraged. For areas that accommodate higher volumes of human traffic, twice a week cleaning sessions are more suitable.
Keep in mind that not all carpets can be swept or vacuum cleaned. Long-strand carpets may require specialized cleaning techniques while oriental ones may need beating.

Act on Spills Right Away – Water may seem harmless, but if it gets into your carpet and isn’t addressed quickly, it can weaken the fibers and spur the growth of microbes. As soon as you spot a water spill, apply the appropriate drying method prescribed by the manufacturer. Beverages such as wine, juices and coffee are even more serious. These can attract pests if they’re allowed to linger and they leave ugly stains on your floor coverings. If your carpet absorbs any of these, call a professional cleaner right away.

Call Professionals for Deep Cleaning – Carpets require thorough cleaning once every 12-18 months in home settings. Call a professional carpet cleaner and inquire if they have the appropriate carpet cleaning methods for the kind of material you use.
A competent carpet cleaner will be able to tell if your carpet needs dry cleaning, steam-based cleaning or other non-traditional cleaning methods. When your carpet is taken back to your place, it should look and smell clean. Check if the strands are intact and if the color is the same as when you handed it over to them. Most carpet cleaners can provide some sort of guarantee about their services.

Know the Prescribed Cleaning Method – Reading the documents that come with your carpet will help you, your staff and contractors determine the best way to keep it clean. Using the right methods and cleaning agents will preserve the integrity of the fibers while getting rid of stains and unwanted particles.
Reviewing the manual also helps you avoid techniques that might damage the latex backings that hold the fibers together. As long as you follow the instructions, you should be able to deal with any mess while keeping the carpet beautiful.

Look out for signs of mold – If your carpet accumulates enough moisture, it can become a suitable breeding ground for mold. Mold is a fuzzy-looking type of fungus that can grow practically anywhere as long as there’s a source of water and nourishment. When left undisturbed, it can form colonies that release spores which release spores that may be harmful to human health.

If you’re seeing signs of mold growth, call a professional cleaning service provider who knows how to clean carpets and has experience in mold abatement. They’ll know how to safely deal with the fungi and they can give you advice on how to prevent it from coming back.

Carpets are significant investments for homes and businesses. Protect your carpets by exercising due diligence in maintaining them.