The Dangers of Smoke and Soot after a Fire

Smoke and soot lingering after a fireWhen fire accidents happen, the one thing people try to avoid are burn injuries. What they do not realize is that you can actually get hurt even after the fire is put out. This is because the soot and smoke that gets left behind afterwards can also bring about problems to the people who happen to find themselves exposed to these.

Most people tend to assume that deaths that occur when a fire happens are due to the flames. In reality, most of the deaths that do happen when a fire erupts are because of smoke inhalation. Smoke can incapacitate a person since it robs them of oxygen, which then results in a person collapsing. When this happens while a building is burning, the person cannot escape from the flames and this is when fire deaths occur.

When smoke is present after a fire, you should be aware that these are also dangerous to your health. While these may not be lethal right then and there, inhaling these for even just a small amount of time can actually lead to health problems in the future. This is because smoke from a fire can come with certain chemicals in them, like hydrogen cyanide, carbon monoxide, and phosgene, all of which are highly toxic.

Smoke is not the only problem you will face when there is a fire in your home or your office. Soot is also a byproduct of such events, and is equally as dangerous to a person’s health as the smoke that lingers after a fire. The ash that is produced after a fire can also carry with it toxic substances that can irritate your skin, your eyes, and if inhaled, can cause respiratory and nasal problems. Some soot may even have cancer-inducing chemicals in them.

Cleaning up the soot and the smoke after a fire is just as important as putting out the fire itself. These present people with other types of dangers, which are harmful to a person’s health. In order to prevent this from endangering lives, the removal of soot and smoke should not be done by those who do not know how to properly take care of these. People who are trained to clean the smoke and soot out of homes or offices that require fire and smoke damage restoration should do this. They have the know-how and the proper equipment needed to clean these places out safely.

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