Common Causes of Commercial Water Damage

Common Causes of Commercial Water DamageMany people may think commercial water damage only happens when there are major catastrophes such as floods or storms. While these events can cause water damage to businesses and commercial facilities, there are many other reasons why businesses can suffer from commercial water damage. Here are some of the most common causes of commercial water damage:

Sprinkler system malfunction - Sprinkler systems are a must for businesses because it helps protect the building in fire emergencies, offering the first line of defense when smoke is detected. However, when the sprinkler system is outdated and showing signs of wear and tear, the sprinklers can malfunction and cause water damage to everything inside the building. Sprinkler system malfunctions can drench and ruin company equipment, inventory, and other valuable assets.

Burst pipes – There are many reasons why pipes can burst and cause water damage. One reason would be an extremely cold day that can freeze the water in the pipes. Since water expands as it freezes, this expansion can crack and break the pipes that water flows through. Pipes can also burst when these are not regularly maintained and when calamities such as earthquakes occur.

Clogged sewer system – Another possible reason for commercial water damage is toilets and sewer systems getting clogged. Toilets and sewer lines can get clogged very easily and when a sewer line is clogged, flooding can occur anytime someone flushes a toilet or pours water down a sink.

Leaking roof – When the roof is not regularly checked and maintained, it can suffer damage from exposure to changing the weather. Even if you are just experiencing a rainstorm, when your roof has a leak, it can damage the inside of your building.

What to Do in Case of Commercial Water Damage

These are just a few of the common reasons for commercial water damage. When you need help with restoration in Wyoming, Varney Clean Care is a company that specializes in cleaning and restoration services. Our water damage specialists can assess the damages and recommend options to quickly return your commercial space back to its pre-damaged condition. We can also help with plumbing leaks, dehumidification, and structural restoration to keep your commercial property in good form. 

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