How to Avoid Water Damage in the Attic

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How to Avoid Water Damage in the Attic

Having water damage occur in your home’s attic area can be a nightmare. Not only will mold and mildew develop from the water and moisture buildup – which can then result in a host of health problems for you and your family – but it can also cause serious structural damages and weaknesses in your house. These weaknesses can result in even more serious problems down the road if not taken care of correctly. To prevent the costly ruination that water damage can inflict on your property, read the following tips:

Regularly check and seal roof leaks. The purpose of a good roof and ceiling is to keep the inside of your home safe from the various outside elements. If there are cracks and gaps in your roof, there’s a high possibility that water might trickle in through them during rain, storms, and other inclement weather involving moisture. Check for these leaks regularly and have them repaired as soon as you spot them. Stains, rust, and corrosion on metal fixtures in your attic are also a dependable sign that leaks are present, so make sure to check for them as well.

Insulate your attic. An adequate amount of properly-installed attic insulation can help prevent moisture from building up. Periodically check your insulation for any signs of moisture damage, especially in the winter and following rain. Insulation material that’s made thin and damp by moisture will not only fail in keeping your indoor air and temperature regulated but it will actually absorb and retain moisture, leading to mildew and mold buildup. Replace any water-damaged insulation with fresh material right away to prevent these expensive damages.

Ensure proper attic ventilation. Another cause of moisture damage in the attic is when there is no adequate ventilation to allow warm air to escape. Warm air gradually rises up to the top level floors, ceiling and into your attic. Without anywhere to go, this warm air will gradually accumulate and then condense into moisture. Preventing this from happening is as easy as ensuring that your attic vents are clear and unblocked. You can also check with a specialist for additional ways to ensure that your attic is well-ventilated.

Vent attic appliances outside. Any appliances that you have installed in your home can also cause moisture damage in your attic. For any appliance that can vent hot air, always ensure that the air they can release is diverted out of the house and not inside. If not, then the hot air will definitely accumulate in the attic and condense there. For any appliance that is installed in the attic, ensure that they’re in good working order as malfunctions and breakdowns can also induce moisture.

Water damage can be a hazard to homes and commercial properties but is easily preventable once you acknowledge and address its potential sources. However, if you suspect or have seen that water damage has already taken root in your home in the Worland, Cody, or Powell area, act fast. Contact us immediately at Varney Clean Care via phone at 307-347-6161 for emergency water damage restoration. We also deal with fire damage and flood damage restoration, as well as cleaning services.