Trauma Cleanup Service in Powell, Cody & Worland, WY

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If a traumatic event (e.g. homicide or industrial accident) takes place on your property, your first reaction would probably be to call the proper authorities to investigate the crime scene. However, do you know who to contact when you need to have blood or hazardous chemicals removed from your floors, walls, or other surfaces?

Trauma Cleanup Service in Powell, Cody & Worland, WY

In situations that involve biohazards, normal cleaning methods won’t do. They aren’t powerful enough to remove the harmful pathogens in your property, so don’t go and attempt to clean it up yourself. Instead, contact Varney Clean Care so we can clean up your property correctly.

Varney Cleaning Care is a full-service restoration and cleaning company, serving properties in Powell, Cody, and Worland since 1988. We have the professional equipment to eliminate any harmful substances from your building and send our cleaning specialist to control the situation.

Varney Clean Care Is Ready to Cleanup After Any Emergency

Our trauma cleanup service can take care of any traumatic event or biohazard, such as:

Crime Scene Residue

There are traumatic situations and investigation methods that leave behind trails of chemicals and harmful residues. Some of these include:

  • Pepper spray and tear gas
  • Chemicals used for gathering evidence
  • Fingerprints

Methamphetamine Labs

Methamphetamine labs use many hazardous and volatile chemicals when creating illegal drugs, so it’s crucial that the harmful substances are removed properly ASAP. Varney Clean Care will get rid of all traces of biohazards using the latest cleaning techniques and tools.

Blood and Other Bodily Fluids

Blood and other bodily fluids leave traces of pathogens that can last for several days, even when dry. Removing these substances is our priority, as they can spread and become a detriment to your health in time. Varney Clean Care has several methods of removing specific blood-borne viruses and diseases. Our procedures include:

  • Disposal of fluids and tissue
  • Disinfection
  • Deodorization

Varney Clean Care also knows that traumatic situations can occur at any moment, so our emergency services are available 24/7. We also offer other biohazard services when your property needs to undergo special cleaning treatment. Just give us a call at 307-347-6161 and we’ll be ready to help. Please contact us today to learn more.