Animal Waste Cleanup in Worland, Cody and Powell, WY

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If your pet tends to defecate or urinate in your home, you should immediately clean up the mess and sanitize the area. However, you won't always be able to catch your pet in the act and sometimes, your pet leaves its waste in hidden or hard-to-reach places – allowing it to fester over time. When you’ve finally realized what your pet has done, you’ll find nasty stains all over your floors or carpet.

Animal Waste Cleanup

Cleaning up the normal way won’t be enough to remove these stains, so you should contact Varney Clean Care for help. Our biohazard cleanup services provide the necessary equipment that is powerful enough to eliminate the sight and stench of animal waste.

Effectively Getting Rid of Animal Waste

Getting rid of urine and fecal matter is difficult, especially when these elements been unattended for months. Not only are they hard to remove, but they also secrete contaminants that spread all over your property. This doesn’t only apply to your pets, but to vermin as well. Mice, raccoon, and even pigeon droppings are known to harbor bacteria and viruses that can make you seriously ill.

If your building is riddled with stubborn animal feces or urine, it’s best to let Varney Clean Care, handle it for you. We use state-of-the art cleaning equipment when performing biohazard services to ensure that all the contaminants are removed. Our licensed and certified cleaners work fast and are trained to get rid of various types of animal waste, including:

Animal Waste
  • Dead or decomposing animals
  • Fur
  • Molted reptile skin
  • Nests

After we’ve removed the harmful substances, we’ll sanitize and decontaminate the affected area so your property is returned to its safe and healthy condition in no time. If you’re interested in any of our biohazard or cleaning services, call us at 307-347-6161 or contact us online. 

Varney Clean Care helps properties in Worland, Cody and Powell, Wyoming. Our emergency services are available 24/7 so give us a call anytime.