Urine Stain Cleaning in Worland, Powell, and Cody

Pet Urine Stain

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Even for the most well-behaved of pets, sometimes they can and will have accidents on your carpet. If it's not cleaned promptly, then your pet's urine stains can permanently adhere themselves into the carpet fibers, padding and can even infiltrate the floor underneath the carpet, which makes for an unpleasant overall experience. It's in your best interest to clean up immediately, as pets will continue to urinate in the same area if it's not completely removed.

To avoid permanent damage done to your area rug from your pet's urine, the best recourse is to act quickly:

  • Blot out the urine stain using a paper or white cotton towel until it has soaked up as much urine as it can. Using a white cloth is important for this step, as colored cloth could activate dye bleeding.
  • Dilute the urine by thoroughly pouring water over the stained area, and keep blotting until the liquid finally appears clear.
  • Create a solution by mixing a tablespoon of distilled white vinegar in one cup of water and apply this onto the stain. Once more, blot the area and soak up as much of the stain as possible using a paper or a white cotton towel on both sides of the rug.
  • Allow the area to dry completely, and you can use a fan to help speed along the drying process.
  • If the stain or odor seems undisturbed or is still there, then your best bet is to seek professional help immediately.

The most qualified of carpet cleaners will utilize solvents and detergents that have more cleaning power to remove the stain.

Do remember that you should only use this method on carpet only if you can get to both sides of it. If you can't get to both sides of your carpet, applying the vinegar and water solution may just cause additional problems, since these liquids can run underneath the carpet. Only attempt this method if you can extract the liquid, and not just blot.

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