Rug Cleaning Process for Varney Clean Care in Worland, Cody, and Powell

Steam cleaning Cleaning

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Dry Rug Cleaning

Cleaning a rug can be a tiring and challenging process, especially if the stains on it have been there a while or were treated incorrectly the first time around. Improper treatment usually leads to further discoloration as well as fiber degradation which shortens the lifespan of your floor covering. Rug damage can be anything from a nuisance, such as a faded corner that will have to be hidden, to a legitimate disaster, such as holes or “bald patches” on the rug which could mean having to replace it altogether.

At Varney Clean Care, we have over 25 years of experience in rug care for clients in Worland, Wyoming and its surrounding areas. Throughout our business history, we have mastered the art of keeping rugs in clean, pristine condition. We employ a variety of methods and processes for cleaning rugs, and we make sure to select the method that best suits your property. Two of those methods include:

Steam Cleaning

A fast and efficient method that can be freely used on most rugs, the process involves spraying steam that shakes off debris and kills microbes on the rug. This steam loosens all the dust, hair, pollen, and deep-seated dirt that may be stuck within the fibers, making it easier for an attached vacuum to then remove those elements from your rug. This process also requires little or no cleaning agents, depending on the type of rug, and how much dirt needs to be removed. This makes steam cleaning safe for your rug and healthy for the people in your home or workplace. There’s also no need to worry about the moisture that steam leaves behind on your rug: our steam cleaning equipment leaves very little water behind and it dries up in a real hurry.

Dry Cleaning

Another efficient method for rug cleaning, it makes use of dry cleaning agents and very little amounts of moisture in order to beautify the rug and remove dirt, stains, allergens, and grit. This method also allows for very fast drying times, which is especially convenient if the item to be cleaned is in a high-traffic area of your home or establishment.

These are only two of the methods that we have to offer. Call us at Varney Clean Care now for a free on-site inspection and estimate and let us advice you on how best to take care of your rugs.