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Oriental rugs are highly-prized items in the rug trade. These are rugs composed of natural materials that are woven, dyed, and knotted by hand in a traditional manner that’s native to the country of origin. As you may guess, oriental rugs are mainly imported from countries in the Middle East and Eastern Asia. These factors combine to explain why this type of floor covering commands the kind of rates that it does in the North American market.

Oriental rugs are major investments for any home or office. Like any possession that’s of high value, you need to take good care of your rug to preserve its form and maintain its beauty. While regular vacuum cleaning is often a good idea, it’s not enough to clean up spills, kill germs and pick up debris that cling tight to your rug’s fibers. Professional Oriental rug cleaning is the only way to ensure a safe and complete cleaning of your Oriental rugs.

Varney Clean Care understands the importance of properly caring for these special pieces of home furnishings. With over 25 years of experience in cleaning oriental rugs within Worland, Wyoming and its surrounding areas, we’re highly confident that we’re the answer to all your cleaning needs. Our friendly and professional staff is fully-trained and fully-equipped to handle the cleaning and care of valuable pieces no matter how big or small they are. We employ only the cleaning methods that are appropriate for your oriental rug type to ensure that it comes back to you safe and clean.

Contact Varney Clean Care for a free on-site inspection and price estimate. We’re ready to serve you all day, all week and even on holidays. Varney is the most trusted name in the Worland professional cleaning scene with hundreds of satisfied clients in our portfolio. When you hire us for a cleaning job, you can be sure your property is in good hands.