Handmade Rug Cleaning in Worland, Powell, and Cody

Handmade Rug Cleaning

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A handmade rug is a true treasure for any household due to its utility and aesthetic value. It’s usually placed in a prominent spot where its beauty and craftsmanship can be put on full display. The amount of work poured into the creation of a handmade or custom rug is substantial and it takes a lot of love and care for the floor cover to come out right. From the weaving, the knotting, the dyeing and right down to pattern selection, everything requires great attention to detail for the right kind of rug to take form. With all these considerations, every handmade rug can be considered as an important investment that you have to take care of.

This beautiful anchor piece in your room, however, isn’t immune to stains and damage. The tribal rug in your study will inevitably suffer a few wine or coffee spills, dust accumulation and dirt trapping in its fibers. Since handmade rugs are made of untreated, natural materials, they’re at a greater risk of tearing and discoloration compared to their more synthetic counterparts. Even careful vacuuming is not enough to keep a rug in top shape for long stretches of time. Periodic professional cleaning is a must if you want to maintain a carpet that looks, feels and smells like new at all times.

Varney Clean Care offers safe and effective handmade rug cleaning services. With over 25 years of experience in the maintenance of floor coverings within Worland, Wyoming and its surrounding areas, we have what it takes to ensure that these beautiful pieces remain in perfect condition for the years to come. Handmade Cleaned Rug We have a wide array of cleaning techniques and we apply only the ones that are the most appropriate for your items. When you hire Varney to clean up your rugs, you can expect them to come out clean, germ-free, fresh and vibrant with colors.

Give us a call today, and get a free on-site inspection and pricing estimate. We can answer your questions and give you advice on rug care. Our team is ready to answer your call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We entertain emergency requests, so please contact us ASAP if you have urgent needs. You may also leave a message through our Contact Us page.