Enviro Guard ® Air Cleaner. Mountain Fresh Air... Indoors.

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You can wash your face but not your lungs. The average person breathes approximately 2 gallons of air per minute. This air contains particles which act as carriers for viruses, bacteria, and other harmful pollutants. There is hazardous indoor pollutants.

The Enviro Guard ® Air Cleaner is electrostatic and highly effective in reducing harmful irritants in your home or work place.

Your Enviro Guard ® Air Cleaner also provides mountain fresh air indoors.

  • The Enviro Guard ® removes up to 96% of pollen, dust, allergens, smoke and other irritants - a cleaner environment can relieve respiratory and allergy problems. Doctor recommended.
  • No ozone production or fiber shedding - healthier, safer environment.
  • Stong permanent construction - sturdy materials made to last a lifetime; no foam or cotton-type pads to wear out or replace; collector cells are protected by sturdy grid wire on each side of the filter.
  • Easily replaces present disposable filter - no installation cost or electrical hookups.
  • Energy efficient for heating and A/C systems - exclusive design features low air flow resistance and keeps coils and blowers cleaner to reduce maintenance and operating costs.
  • Any size available - adaptable for residential, commercial and industrial use.
  • Only Enviro Guard ® offers 3 models to choose from - these models are available to match your specific needs and budget requirements.

Why does the Enviro Guard ® Air Cleaner do a better job than my present filter? Disposable fiberglass filters are only 5-10% efficient in removing common indoor pollutants including dust, pollen, smoke and allergens. Your Enviro Guard ® Air Cleaner will remove up to 96% of these same airborne irritants.

The Enviro Guard ® Air Cleaner is made from several types of static prone materials that have an inherent electrostatic charge. As air passes through these materials the internal static charge increases. These static-charged fibers then attract and hold particles as they enter the air cleaner.

The unique design of the Enviro Guard ® electrostatic air cleaner, with its exclusive 4 stage filtration, cleans the air better than other permanent electrostatic filters, and does it without excessive air restriction.

The photos below show how airborne particles have been attracted to the static-charged fibers in the Enviro Guard ® Air Cleaner. The first picture is a clean filter, the second is after 4 days of use.

On a monthly basis (or more often if needed) follow these easy steps...

  • Simply remove the air cleaner.
  • Rinse it with running water. (If stained or greasy, a mild household detergent may be used)
  • Drain excess water and reinstall.
  • No filter sprays necessary.


Simply remove your present inefficient disposable filter and replace it with the ENVIRO GUARD Air Cleaner. No electrical hookup or duct work is required. Available in any size to fit your needs.

  • Simply replace the old filter with the Enviro Guard ® Air Cleaner and enjoy the cleaner air that will flow through it.
  • Self-Contained Unit
  • Slide an Enviro Guard ® Air Cleaner into place and reap the benefits of a more efficient system.
  • Window Units - Window Units can become more effective with the Enviro Guard ® Air Cleaner

Enviro Guard ® Air Cleaner

Features and Benefits

  • Improves indoor air quality
  • Benefits allergy and respiratory patients
  • Doctor recommended
  • Easy to install and clean
  • Uses no electricity
  • Improves efficiency of A/C system
  • Produces harm-free ozone
  • Any size available
  • Permanent
  • Lifetime warranty

The Enviro Guard ® Air Cleaner has been tested in accordance with ASHRAE 52-76 test procedure with the following documented results

Technical properties of the Enviro Guard ® Air Cleaner

  • Melting range 325 degrees - 350 degrees.F
  • Operating temperature - Max 180 degrees F
  • Resistant to mildew
  • Good resistance to again, sunlight and abrasion, bleaches and solvents
  • Odor - none
  • specific Gravity -.90
  • Burning - Slow