Customer Testimonial for Varney Clean Care

"I appreciate the cheerful representative and her professional attitude. It makes a big job pleasanter. I'm thankful that Varney can hire such people. What a great clean look to the carpet and chair. I'm thankful all I had to do was move the furniture before and after. Thank you, thank you. Sam took time to treat any soiled areas. I was thankful she was very attentive to detail and took pride in the job. The fabric protection will help repel future soil and make everyday cleaning easier, which I am thankful for. The fabric protection is important and I feel it helps extend the life of the carpet and furniture. The big fans helped dry the carpet faster and because of the time of the year I was thankful for that. I'm thankful that Varney's could clean my carpet before the holidays and the winter set in. Thank you."

Dorothy Fulton - Powell