Customer Testimonial for Varney Clean Care

Water Damage Restoration - "Probably one of the worst phone calls I have ever received - Our house has flooded. When you receive such news, your mind immediately thinks and envisions the worst. Bob and his crew were calm, knowledgeable and extremely professional to the point that my fears were put to rest almost immediately. Nick, one of the crew, called me again that initial night to give me an update. Bob was not only generous with the detailed information he provided, he was also extremely respectful of my personal space, the time of year (Christmas) and other emotional events happening in my life. Upon meeting Bob, he was thorough in explaining everything they did. He answered any question I had no matter how trivial. His demeanor was confident and empathetic. I cannot tell you what an asset Bob is to your company. Everyone in his crew was amazing! I wish I did not live so far away. Rarely do you find a business that conducts itself with such professionalism! I'm glad I don't know of anyone whose house has flooded lately, but I would recommend any of your services. Robin was amazing too. she was extremely patient with my memory lapses. Great Company, GREAT PEOPLE! The fact that Bob can text message is so, so important. After events such as this, you find yourself on the phone for literally hours at a time talking to various entities. There comes a point where information still needs to flow, but talking on the phone one more time is too much; you just can't do it! Texting provides communication, exchanging of information without the disruption and sensory overload that a phone call creates. It is a very great way of providing customer care, keeping up with current technologies, and staying ahead of competition. Obviously, I think you Rock!" 

Dana Etscorn - Cody