Customer Testimonials for Varney Clean Care in Worland, Cody, and Powell

I know that you can't always believe what a company says about itself or its service, and I don't want you to just take my word that I am the best. I can tend to be biased. But you certainly can believe what my clients have to say. At Varney Clean Care I have over 4000 more-than-satisfied clients that would never allow any other carpet cleaning company in their home.

Testimonial from GAS Ventures LLC of Thermopolis, WY
The carpets look terrific and all the discolorations came out. Mr. Varney, you have a wonderful group of employees and all of them should be complimented on a job well done.

Testimonial from Rush Bell of Ten Sleep, WY
Excellent service, fast and professional and friendly people. This was an older home we purchased, with some questionable carpet areas, really dirty.

Testimonial from Hal Alterowitz and Gloria Schmitt of Cody, WY
Water Restoration Testimonial - Excellent and well prepared staff.

Testimonial from Cindy Frame of Manderson, WY
Very good, very courteous, very thorough. They did a great job.

Testimonial from Margaret Randolph of Greybull, WY
Very good workers. Do a very good job. Cleaner smells good. Both girls worked at once. They used a special treatment where rug smelled bad.

Testimonial from Jeff Sukut of Greybull, WY
Looks great! Much better than their competition. The rugs were previously done and we were unhappy with the other folks.

Testimonial from Eleanor of Hyattville, WY
I think you do a great job, very courteous, well satisfied. Quick response time. Always do a good job. I can count on

Testimonial from Chuck and Carol Gale of Thermopolis, WY
Overall feeling about Varney Clean Care -

Testimonial from MaryEtta Foster of Basin, WY
Very polite and professional. When they came to give the estimate [they] were very courteous and polite.

Testimonial from Dick Fisher of Powell, WY
You do a very good job. Like it very well. Was very happy with the overall job you did for us.

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