Mold Discovered Under Flooring - Powell, Wyoming

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On August 21, 2014, we received a phone call from a residential property owner in Powell, WY who was having new flooring installed. As the flooring company was removing the old floors, they found mold.

The property owner called us at Varney Clean Care to set up a date and time for an inspection. Varney's technician was able to review the property that afternoon and Varney Clean Care was able to call the owner with an estimate by the next morning. After receiving the homeowner's approval, Varney Clean Care's mold remediation specialist was able to schedule the remediation job that same afternoon so the owner could proceed with the new flooring installation. The rest of the flooring was removed along with a portion of the drywall that contained mold. The technicians then sanded down all exposed areas, hepa vacuumed the area twice and applied an anti-microbial agent. An air scrubber was left on location to remove any contaminants. The customer was extremely pleased with the prompt work that was provided in addition to the courteous employees at Varney Clean Care.