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Furniture Restoration Services

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Whether it’s due to mechanical causes or forces of nature, there are times when disaster can’t be avoided, as in the case of floods and fires. Whenever properties are struck by these unfortunate events, the furniture tends to get the brunt of the damage, because they are smaller and lighter as compared to more structural and permanent objects such as walls and ceilings. 

However, just because a piece of furniture has suffered some water or fire damage, it doesn’t mean that it has to be immediately thrown away and replaced. More often than not, these items are actually still quite salvageable, and given some proper cleaning and treatment from your preferred professional restoration company, Varney Clean Care, it can go back to being as good as new at less cost than purchasing a replacement.

We have been providing furniture restoration services to homes and businesses in Worland, Wyoming and nearby areas for more than 25 years, and our team of highly-trained restoration technicians can help you in saving your furniture, and saving on costs. Our staff can assist you in determining which items are salvageable and which ones will absolutely have to be replaced. Those that are salvageable will immediately be cleaned and restored, undergoing procedures that are aimed at thoroughly cleaning and drying the items, as well as removing dirt, grime, soot marks, stains, or mold. The items will then be repaired, disinfected, deodorized, and properly treated for additional protection and to prolong the lifespan of each piece of furniture. For items that require replacements, our staff can also assist you in securing requirements for insurance claim purposes.

For any of your furniture restoration needs, our lines at Varney Clean Care are open 24/7, and our friendly staff is on standby to answer all your inquiries, as well as send personnel to your area to conduct on-site inspections and provide you with accurate estimates.