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Educational institutions like schools and colleges must uphold a safe, happy and healthy learning environment for their students. Classrooms should be able to induce productivity and focus, just as much as parks and playgrounds must increase a child’s motor and social skills. With that in mind, purchasing systems and materials that help boost a student’s capacity for learning is a must. But no matter how prepared schools are for campus-wide events, nothing can spare them from unavoidable disasters.


Strong storms, floods and even fires can rip institutions apart in the blink of an eye, and getting through these disasters is not always easy. Areas such as libraries, classrooms, and even corridors can be devastated by fire or water related damages. If the affected institution can’t fix their surroundings quickly, it will be difficult for the students to return to school. Therefore, if your school or college has been ravaged by a disaster, natural or accidental, contact Varney Clean Care ASAP.

Restore Your Institution’s Surroundings with Varney Clean Care

You can try to restore your building’s structure and clean the aftermath all on your own, but this method is going to take you a long time to complete. Plus, without prior experience, you may be prone to using improper restoration and cleaning methods that can do more harm than good.

Varney Clean Care is your school's best chance at being restored. Our professional crew members and equipment are ready to bring life back to your property 24/7. What’s more, our step-by-step process ensures that your school/college is spared from secondary damage like mold and lingering smoke and soot. When you need our help, give us a call at 307-347-6161. Our commercial services are available to properties located in Worland, Powell and Cody, WY.