Bathroom Cleaning in Worland, Powell, and Cody

Bathroom Cleaning


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Whether your bathroom is sleek, cozy or luxurious, it's the perfect place to relax and unwind after a busy day. It is for this reason that we believe that your bathroom deserves the best cleaning procedure, so that you can look forward to a clean bathroom and an easy way to de-stress after a hard day's work.

If you have ever wondered how meticulous we can get to ensure your bathroom is squeaky clean, wonder no more. Our bathroom cleaning services includes:

  • Trash removal, and throw rugs are laid down outside the bathroom.
  • Then, the entire room is checked for cobwebs. We make sure that the entire perimeter is checked out, being extra-careful to check out the perimeter of the entire room, catching cobwebs and dust that may be stuck in the corners of the ceiling. We also check around your wall hangings, light fixtures, along woodwork and the baseboards. Any cobwebs we find are swept up immediately.
  • Bathtubs and showers are scrubbed with a strong yet environmentally-friendly cleaner which helps remove excess grime and soap scum that ordinary cleaners just can't get rid of. For the grout and fixtures, we use a crevice brush, and we opt to use a scrub brush when we encounter rough or especially dirty floors and wall tiles and glass cleaner is used for the faucets. A flooding bathroom When we're through, your shower will be sleek, shining, dry and so clean that when you run a finger along the tile, no soap scum will be present.
  • For the toilets, they are cleaned inside and out using only environmentally-friendly cleaners that kills germs, and neatly cleans the surface using a scouring pad. For hard-to-reach areas, we rely ou a crevice brush until your porcelain toilet is sparkling and germ-free.
  • We clean your sink with a scouring sponge, crevice brush and scouring paste. For the faucet, it's thoroughly cleaned with glass cleaner until it shines.

We're At Your Service

You can try to clean your bathroom, but there are some kinds of dirt and grime that can only be cleaned by the professionals. For a full, meticulous clean that you would only normally experience in a hotel, look no further than Varney Clean Care for all your general cleaning needs. We make sure that the citizens of  Worland, Wyoming and its surrounding areas can have bathrooms they'd be proud to relax in and use, so that you can enjoy a long relaxing soak at the end of a busy day without fear of health hazards or contagious germs. With 25 years of experience, we definitely know what we're doing. If you need any of our other services, such as content restorationmold removalcarpet maintenance and crawl space encapsulation, be sure to get in touch with us by dialing 307-347-6161, or be sure to check out our contact page.