How Crawl Space Encapsulation helps Solve Crawl Space Issues

Many homeowners usually don’t think much, if at all, about the crawl spaces in their home. In fact they most likely view it as something that’s not really important. However, nothing can be farther from the truth.

Not only does a crawlspace serve an important function as the foundation for your home, but taking care of it properly can help you avoid certain issues that, if neglected or left to its own devices, could seriously affect the integrity of your home as well as the health and well-being of those living inside it.

Thankfully, there is a way to solve all these issues at once, and that’s through crawlspace encapsulation. Crawlspace encapsulation is a relatively simple solution – it basically means closing off the crawlspace from the external environment, preventing any outside elements from finding its way into it (and thus, into your house). From there, the floor and sides of the crawlspace are then covered with a vapor barrier. A dehumidifier is also installed to ensure that the enclosed crawlspace is always free of moisture.

Now that we know what crawlspace encapsulation is, let’s look at the problems that it proactively prevents.

Mold formation

Mold is one of the most common and most serious problems that could arise within a house. If left unaddressed, mold could seriously compromise the structure of the house as well as the health of those living inside it.

Mold usually forms in dark, enclosed spaces where moisture from the air as well as other sources could be trapped inside. This makes unfinished and open crawlspaces an ideal environment for mold growth. Through proper crawlspace encapsulation, you prevent the possibility of mold making its home in your crawlspace.

Pest infestation

Open crawlspaces are basically an open invitation for ground-borne insects and pests to make themselves at home in your house.  The dark, damp environment of an open crawlspace forms an ideal breeding ground for nasty crawlers, from rodents to snakes and even raccoons. And once they’ve made your crawlspace their home, it won’t be too long before they’re spreading all over your house too.

By encapsulating your crawlspace you prevent insects and other pests from making your home theirs.

Heat/Cooling Bleed

Heating and cooling your home in times of inclement weather can turn out to be a bit more expensive than you might expect, especially if you have an open or unfinished crawlspace under your home. An HVAC works most efficiently if the house it’s warming or cooling doesn’t have any open holes in its structures for the cold or the heat to bleed freely out of.

Unfortunately, an open crawlspace is just that, except it’s practically the size of your house. So any hot or cold air generated by your HVAC will definitely escape through the crawlspace, making your unit work harder to maintain your desired temperature and thus cost you more money.

Crawlspace encapsulation prevents all of these issues from ever becoming a problem. If you want to avail of such an important service and prevent yourself from the headache of suffering from mold formation or pest infestation in your home, then we here at Varney Clean Care are more than happy to help.

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