Dust-Free Living & Keeping Your Air Ducts Clean

Air ducts are an important element in any home or office. Not only do they stabilize the living space’s temperature by distributing heated or cooled air throughout every room, but they also ensure that fresh air is constantly being pumped through the living space, circulating clean air for its occupants.

But despite their usefulness, we also have to see air ducts as they are: potential access points for undesirable substances and contaminants that we absolutely do not want to be in our home.

These can range from microscopic detritus that build up over time such as dust and dirt, to pests and vermin like small birds, rodents, and insects. Any one of these potential contaminants can and will cause health issues for those who occupy the living space.

Therefore, to stop air ducts from becoming the source of inconvenience and poor health in your home or office, they need to undergo regular inspection, cleaning, and maintenance. Home and business owners have two ways to go about this.

The Do It Yourself (DIY) Method: This method involves the homeowner doing the inspection, cleaning, and maintenance themselves. This is perfect for when your air ducts need minimal cleaning, or if you have a relatively small living space to manage. Some tips:

  • Turn off all HVAC systems before working in your ducts. Not only will the continued air flow make it harder to work, but it may blow dust and other detritus in your direction and cause you to breathe them in.
  • Clean all the dust covers or air grille plates. By cleaning these before replacing them, you enable clean air to get in much easier into your air duct systems.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner. Cleaning your air ducts with by hand may prove to be a bit too difficult and time-consuming, so employ the use of a vacuum cleaner to make things easier. Just be careful not to damage the walls of your air ducts as they can be fragile. Make sure not to use your vacuum’s strongest setting either, as this could result in damage.

The Professional Cleaning method: This method involves hiring paid professionals to do the job. This is recommended for air duct systems in large facilities or offices, or air duct systems that have clearly been neglected to the point that they have a serious mold contamination or pest infestation.

We do not recommend you try and handle this on your own as you may be putting yourself in harm’s way while doing so. Any attempt you make may also exacerbate the problem. It’s best to leave it to the professionals.

Speaking of professionals, we here at Varney Clean Care are ready to assist you with any air duct cleaning task you may need help with. We also offer a range of general cleaning services, from carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and area/oriental rug cleaning, as well as restoration services and mold removal. Residents in the Worland, Cody and Powell areas can call us at 307-347-6161 or drop us a line at our contact page for a free estimate.